Where do I go?

I often wondered as a highly ranked player in the the country as a high school student, how do I choose the college I want to play for? What factors really makes players go to what college?

I know if I was fresh out of high school and my game could get me into any program in the country, I would look at the program that is known to win not the tradition. Programs with great traditions may have an amazing fan base, but that does not mean they make it to the tournament each year.

Remember, players can enter the NBA draft after their freshman like Jabari Parker and now Julius Randle of Kentucky.

For players who eventually stay all four years like Shabazz Napier, you want to be in a known yet prosperous program for your college career. Some players look for these programs that are close to home, while others really look forward to the experience of being away from home.

Either way, it’s all on these high school players to make a decision for their futures.


The Power of Recruitment

It’s one thing to lose your star players for the next year, but it’s another thing to know for a fact there are replacements coming to your program.

It’s easy to try and recruit the top high school players in the country just by contacting them, but it’s really up to the players where they want to play their college careers. Considering the fact that these players are fresh out of high school, the amount of pressure to already play their best is a lot for one to handle.

With Duke landing two of the top five recruits, #1 ranked center Jahlil Okafor and #1 ranked point guard Tyus Jones, it’s safe to say Duke will succeed even with Jabari Parker leaving for the NBA.

Louisville has definitely recovered after losing multiple players from transferring to other schools. As of now, Louisville has the most commits for next years team.

You never know what to expect with each recruiting class, so as I said before expect the unexpected.

Jabari Parker, Why?

Jabari Parker

For the record, I’m far from a Duke fan, but this boy has a complete game on the basketball court. He has size, strength, and can score at will when he wants to for the record. Now that Jabari Parker has declared for the draft, one can only question what he could have done especially with this incoming freshman class?

For such a big time player and so much going for him at Duke, I question why he left? Sure he has the opportunity to be the #1 draft pick in the NBA and that comes with a large sum of money, but look at what he left behind. He achieved many accolades for breaking freshman records, but came up short in the tournament. As a big name player in the league, I would not want people to remember the mediocre performance I had and I definitely would be determined to come back and win it all next year.

Well, at the end of the day the kid can play ball and has a bright future ahead of him. Just sucks that he left so soon leaving Blue Devil fans asking why.

Congrats to UConn

I must say, UCONN was the last team I had winning the national championship this year. It goes without saying that expect the unexpected in the game of basketball. College basketball has always been exciting, but when it comes to March Madness no one really knows what will happen or who will show up.

Senior guard Shabazz Napier overcame a lot of adversity to get to that championship this year. From not only being ranked a low seed, but also being considered the leader on the team, Shabazz played what I believe was his best performance in a long time. The last time I seen a player on UCONN playing as well as he did, I was watching Kemba Walker, who now plays in the NBA for the Charlotte Bobcats, and that performance went down in history.

Let it be known that the UCONN Huskies did their very best this year and earned their title.

UCONN Huskies

How to Survive a Disappointment

For those who participated in creating a bracket, I’m sure the majority of you suffered disappointment from the first round. Teams who were supposed to win ended up losing and teams who had easy brackets lost in the most dramatic ways. While some seasons ended along with their college basketball careers, some of the players took their talents to the slam dunk and three-point contest. Players like Adreian Payne definitely took advantage of not playing in the big game by showing off in the slam dunk contest.

Eastern Kentucky’s 6-4 guard Marcus Lewis took home the slam dunk contest defeating Baylor’s center Cory Jefferson. For the three-point contest, Brady Heslip of Baylor took home the victory against Oakland’s Travis Bader.


What’s the Move?

Now that the season is over for many and the season has come to an end for many big name players and seniors, the question is what now? Most players will come back will others will look forward to entering the draft and hearing their names called. For start freshman Andrew Wiggins, he declared he was going to enter the draft. Averaging about 17 points and six rebounds a game, Wiggins decided it would be in his best interest to enter his name in the draft which makes sense especially with the speculations Jabari Parker returning back to Duke next year. Might actually be the number one draft pick and head to a franchise that needs some young talent. Either way it goes, it is interesting to see what players will do after this year is up.

Break Your Heart Brackets

For the record, my bracket was destroyed in the first round. My hometown Bearcats let me down because they were “tested” by Harvard and the state favorite Ohio State with a huge upset to Dayton. I literally cried when both of them lost because I had them both making it to the Sweet Sixteen. It seemed like this was the year for upsets because the teams you expected to go far lost early or choked at the end. For example, though their season was amazing Wichita State eventually lost which was a heartbreaker to many. I had high hopes they would at least make it to the Elite Eight. How many of you honestly have a prefect or almost perfect bracket? The team I chose to win it all lost to Kentucky a couple days ago and I didn’t know what to do. I know Louisville had so many threats, but I did not know that Kentucky would match up so easily.

Not a big fan of autobids

Okay, I feel as though it’s only right I talk about these automatic bid matches. I do understand that the teams with weak conferences should be in the tournament because they won out the season, but it’s literally a set up. Don’t get me wrong, there has been teams that crept into the tournament and did well such as Florida Gulf Coast University. No one thought including myself that they would make it far and they proved the country wrong. All I’m saying is, the weaker conferences in my opinion can just brag about making the tournament this year because there is no way any team that made the top 25 is going to take it easy on them. Call it bullying, I call it justice. They are literally selected every year automatically to play knowing their chances of winning is slim to none. Again, I’m just voicing my opinion and that’s all.

Looks Like A Rematch

Look at the current bracket and I see a nice little rematch occurring. Looks like Duke and North Carolina are going to have their epic rematch during the second round, but not for the ACC title. This is one legendary rivalry that seems to make the entire NCAA fan base stop and watch because the game is always a toss up. With Jabari Parker playing his best game almost averaging a double double, who knows how the game will turn out. I’m sure Marcus Paige would have his hands full scoring for the Tar Heels considering the fact that he is their leading scorer. With UNC leading the series 132-104 between the two teams, Duke should come out playing with a chip on their shoulders. Especially with UNC upsetting Duke when they were ranked #5 early in the season.

Early look at the bracket

Who is your favorite team? Are you a hometown kid? Like being the devil’s advocate, so you choose the opposite team just because you want to? Well, look at this early preview of the bracket and tell me if you see your team. I know my Bearcats are ranked #4 and I’m hoping that changes soon. Personally, I feel like us moving from the Big East to the American conference was a huge mistake. Say we win the first two rounds (which we should), the Bearcats have a chance of playing the #1 ranked Florida Gators. The past three games have displayed that we have struggles with what is necessary to keep a lead. The Big East in my opinion is now somewhat weak, so we definitely could have won it all. All I can do as a fan is just wait and see how they perform in the tourney.